Impact Moling in Ashford
Leaving Your Property as We Found It After Water Pipe Repairs, Replacements or New Installations

If you need a water pipe replacement, repair, new water supply or installation of other services, you may be worried about ugly trenches or ruined flowerbeds, lawns or hard surfaces. However, with MacMole’s moling services and customer focused approach, you don’t need to worry about any of these. We are committed to leaving every property as we find it, whether undertaking water pipe repairs or other services for domestic or commercial customers in Ashford and the surrounding areas we cover. From undisruptive impact moling to excavator trenching, we make sure all work causes minimal damage and surfaces are neat and tidy when we’re done.

There are several ways we ensure your property looks just how we found it, or as close to it as possible:

Moling Services

The main way we make sure your property in Ashford, Maidstone or the surrounding areas looks as good as it did before work is by using impact moling wherever possible. As a trenchless method, moling only requires us to dig two small pits at the beginning and end of the installation.

We then use a specialist machine to install new water supply pipes, ducts or other services underground without disrupting the surface. As such, when the installation or water pipe replacement is complete, we simply fill in the two excavations and it’s as if we were never there.

Pipe Ramming

Similar to moling services, pipe ramming is another trenchless technology that requires minimal surface disruption or damage. This method is suitable for larger installations in Ashford and allows us to leave sites of even larger-scale jobs neat and tidy. This is especially beneficial for installations near roads, paths or other areas where disruption, such as piles of soil or left-over debris, can cause issues.


Where small excavations are necessary, such as access for water pipe repairs or impact moling start and finish points, MacMole undertakes reinstatement services. This includes the reinstatement of lawns, block paving, concrete and tarmac to a professional standard. Following reinstatement, you won’t even be able to tell any work occurred, and you can continue to use the surface as normal straight away.

In addition, when carrying out open cut trenching across fields, we fill in trenches after installing new water supply pipes or other services, leaving the site neat, tidy and safe.

Water Pipe Repairs & Replacements

Many customers in Ashford believe repairing or replacing water pipes will be very disruptive and involve unsightly trenches all over their property. However, our moling services are suitable for water pipe replacements and repairs as well as brand-new installations. 

If you have a leaking or damaged pipe, we locate the issue and excavate as close to it as possible before undertaking suitable in situ repairs. Likewise, pipe replacements do not necessarily require trenching and we use undisruptive impact moling where possible, filling any minor excavations and replacing surfaces at the end of the job.

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