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Benefits of Trenchless Water Pipe Replacements and Repairs

When dealing with sewer line damage, homeowners often have to face the difficult decision of having it repaired but destroying their beautiful garden. At MacMole, we provide trenchless water pipe repairs and replacements. We specialise in impact moling services, new water supply and water pipe replacements. Our team provides specialist solutions to manage repair work without damaging gardens in Kent and the surrounding areas we cover.

You can learn more about our work by reading the testimonials from previous customers or calling us on 07706 663418. Here, we look at the benefits of trenchless repairs, including:

Reduced Damage 

One of the main benefits of trenchless pipe repair, in comparison to traditional methods, is the reduced damage to your garden. We use modern techniques and equipment to eliminate the need for digging a giant trench. Our experts only need to dig small holes to allow machinery access to the impacted area. This makes the job much easier and less disruptive.

Less Time

Without creating a large trench, less time must be spent repairing the sewer line. Our water pipe repairs and water pipe replacements are efficient and effective. With over 86 years of experience managing impact moling services and water pipe replacements in and around Kent, we are skilled at completing repairs and replacements quickly and safely. We aim to minimise disruption to our customers’ gardens and daily life. Our speed and skill are also applied to the new water supply service we provide. 

Better Work

Compared to trench pipe replacements and repairs, trenchless solutions provide higher-quality replacements and repairs. At MacMole, we only use top-of-the-line materials to complete all jobs. The quality piping we use offers better quality than the average options available on the market, which means our pipes won’t succumb to corrosion or rust, which can cause further future issues. 

Cleaner Water

New liners are installed when managing water pipe repairs and replacements, so your drinking water will be cleaner. At MacMole, we care about customer satisfaction and delivering effective water pipe replacements with safe and clean drinking water. 

Our experienced team are happy for customers in Kent or any of the surrounding areas to contact us with any questions about our impact moling services, new water supply and trenchless repairs. 

For more information about our moling services or to arrange a water pipe replacement or service installation in Kent or the surrounding areas, call 07706 663418.