New Water Supply in Sevenoaks
Improving Water Flow with Water Pipe Replacements and Repairs

Poor water flow is an issue many domestic and commercial customers face, but MacMole has the solution. Undertaking water pipe replacements and water pipe repairs, we increase water flow to properties, allowing customers to enjoy all the benefits of a more efficient and reliable water supply. We regularly update old lead and iron pipework, providing completely new water supply installations, as well as undertaking more minor repair and replacement services in Sevenoaks, Maidstone and the surrounding areas we cover. Using impact moling services wherever possible, MacMole improves water flow with minimal disruption, as quickly as possible.

Find out about water flow and how our expert team can increase your water flow to give you more power from your shower and taps, and to improve the efficiency of water-dependent appliances:

What is Water Flow?

Water flow is the amount of water that travels through a pipe and that you receive. Your water flow depends on the size of the pipe that connects your property to the water mains, with narrower pipes providing less water.

Consequently, if you have low water flow and multiple taps or appliances use the same pipe, there may not be enough water for you to use all of them at the same time and you will notice ‘low flow’, such as just a trickle of water from your taps. In these cases, a water pipe replacement is an ideal option because we can install a new water supply that is wider, increasing water flow.

In addition, damage or blockages can also cause low water flow, so depending on the issue with your pipework, water pipe repairs may be enough to sufficiently improve water flow.

Improving Water Flow

As a water supply specialist, MacMole can improve water flow for domestic and commercial properties in the Sevenoaks area. There are a few ways we do this, using impact moling, utilising trenchless replacements and repairs, to carry out services as efficiently as possible without any significant disruption. We also undertake trenching where moling services are unsuitable, ensuring all customers can enjoy the benefits of better water flow. We undertake water pipe surveys to ensure we provide the best services for each job.

Impact Moling

For most domestic and commercial jobs, impact moling is a suitable option for installing new water pipes. Our moling services require minimal excavations, allowing us to place pipes underground without damaging surfaces. This is the favoured solution for many homeowners and businesses in Sevenoaks because it minimises disruption, prevents the need for reinstatement of specialist surfaces, and enables us to complete work as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Company

The MacMole team offers every service required to ensure successful projects for all our customers. Some of the core services our company provides include:

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