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| Should Lead Pipes be Replaced?

At MacMole, we specialise in providing impact moling services in Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas. We cover water pipe repairs, water pipe replacements, new water supply, irrigation systems, storm drainage, trenchless replacements and pipe ramming. Our company provides services for a range of reasons; a common one is lead pipe replacements. You may be wondering how to tell if you have a leadwork problem. If your property has had all of its pipework replaced or was constructed after 1970, it’s likely you don’t have lead pipework. However, if this isn’t the case, pipework replacements are crucial because lead in water pipes has been prohibited. 

Here, we look at some key aspects of lead pipe replacements to help understand their importance.

Health Consequences of Lead Exposure

Lead can be extremely hazardous to your health, especially to children's health. It can harm the kidneys and brain and interfere with the production of red blood cells. Lead can also cause physical and behavioural changes in children at a lower exposure level than adults, which is why they are so vulnerable to lead. Lead poisoning can lead to comas, seizures and death, so it is imperative to have them removed from your property in Sittingbourne or any of the surrounding areas.

Get in touch with the MacMole team for seamless and non-intrusive water pipe replacements and impact moling services. We also cover water pipe repairs and new water supply.

How To Check If You Have Lead Pipes

Even if there isn’t lead inside your property, you may have a lead service line buried between the water main and your home. The lead may only have been replaced inside your house, so you must check your home’s building permits and water utility.

Full Professional Services

The experts at Macmole provide various services to fulfil every requirement. Some of the key services we offer include:

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