Frequently Asked Questions About Impact Moling Services in Tunbridge Wells
and All Surrounding Areas

At MacMole, we provide a range of specialist services, including water pipe repairs, impact moling, new water supply, water pipe replacements and more moling services. We complete work for domestic and commercial clients in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas we cover. Prospective customers can learn more about us by viewing our previous work or calling us on 07706 663418.  

Here, we have focused on answering some of the frequently asked questions we receive about impact moling. 

What Does It Work For?

Impact Moling is one of the best methods of trenchless technology and works for a variety of purposes. It works well for installing small-diameter pipes, but we have a range of mole sizes available. We recommend installations for services such as water pipes, gas pipes, cables and ducts. Our team manages these installations under gardens, roads, patios and driveways.

What Are The Benefits?

The team at MacMole uses our wealth of experience to ensure minimal disruption during all moling services in and around Tunbridge Wells. This is also true for our water pipe replacements, new water supply and water pipe repairs. 

Here, we look at a few of the many benefits of impact moling:

How Long Does It Take?

Installation times vary depending on the ground conditions of the site. Moling in a garden with no compaction is much quicker than moling a road, with heavy compaction.

Why Is It Better Than Traditional Trenched Options?

The team at MacMole recommend impact moling over traditional trenching options because they are much less disruptive, deliver higher quality results and eliminate the need for pipework excavation.

Moling saves time and prevents damage to customers’ gardens since excavation is unnecessary. As specialists in trenching and water pipe services, we ensure non-disruptive work, including for telephone ducting and storm and sewer drainage.

Our experts are happy to advise customers on all the moling services available to improve their properties in and around Tunbridge Wells. We can also discuss the water pipe repairs, new water supply and water pipe replacements we provide. 

Complete Professional Water Pipe Services

Macmole offers a range of services to fulfil all clients’ requirements. Some of the key services we provide include:

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