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Moling Services in Canterbury

Sevenoaks and Surrounds | Our Additional Services

As well as water pipe repairs and replacements and new water supplies, MacMole provides a range of additional services. We strive to deliver complete, efficient and undisruptive solutions to homeowners, commercial clients and agricultural customers and as such, we undertake impact moling services, as well as trenching, for a broad range of requirements. Our installation services in Maidstone, Ashford, Canterbury, Medway, Sevenoaks and the South East cover everything from electrical ducts to sewer drainage, giving you expert solutions no matter your needs.

Established in 1981, MacMole has completed all kinds of jobs for builders, civil engineers, farmers, homeowners and other customers, delivering ideal results on every job. As specialists in impact moling, pipe ramming and open cut trench excavations, we provide the most suitable solution for every project and minimise disruption as much as possible. You can see examples of the quality services we provide on our previous work page.

With our easily transportable equipment, we can reach any site or location in the South East, allowing a broad range of customers to benefit from trenchless moling services and professional open cut trench excavations.

The following are the additional services we undertake:

Open Cut Trenching

In addition to moling services, we undertake open cut trenching for projects where surface disruption is not an issue, or where the ground is not suitable for impact moling. Trenching is a practical alternative for pipe, duct and service installations, especially for areas of grass or agricultural sites.

  • Chain Trenching – A chain trencher is a specially designed machine that creates a narrow trench in the ground using a looped chain that’s similar to a large chainsaw.
  • Excavator Trenching – This involves using an excavator, or digger, to remove soil and is a viable alternative for ground that is not suitable for narrow chain trenching.

Pipe Ramming

As well as impact moling, we also undertake pipe ramming, which is another trenchless method that we use for the installation of steel pipes, or larger pipes or ducts. This method is a suitable option where moling services are not possible or when a site has sandy soil.

We use pipe ramming on a variety of jobs in the Maidstone, Ashford, Canterbury, Medway and Sevenoaks areas, especially commercial or agricultural projects that require larger installations for irrigation, drainage or other services.

Call MacMole today on 01622 891366 for comprehensive moling services in Canterbury, Sevenoaks, Kent and across the South East.