Pipe Ramming, Water Pipe Repairs and Moling Services in Maidstone
Enjoy the Advantages of Trenchless Technology

At MacMole, we specialise in trenchless methods of new water supply installations and other service installations. We undertake impact moling and pipe ramming to give our customers in Maidstone and the surrounding areas we cover the most efficient, undisruptive and cost-effective solutions. This guide explains the applications and benefits of these technologies, and how we utilise them for water pipe replacements, pipe and duct installations, and water pipe repairs. With 86 years of combined experience, the MacMole team are experts in moling services, bringing professional and reliable solutions to every job.

Trenchless methods are ideal for a wide range of requirements, including domestic, commercial and agricultural projects. They allow us to install services under roads, drives lawns, walls, buildings and other surfaces or obstructions, with only minor excavations necessary for access points. 

New Water Supply Installations

Pipe ramming and impact moling are ideal for installing a new water supply, whether for residential properties or commercial requirements in Maidstone. With these systems, we can install new water supplies without damaging driveways, roads, forecourts or other hard surfaces, and without causing any significant disruption to your daily life or business.

Water Pipe Replacements & Repairs

MacMole regularly undertakes moling services to replace outdated, damaged or ineffective water pipes. This is the least intrusive way to carry out water pipe replacements or water pipe repairs, allowing us to resolve issues such as leaks, slow water flow or rusty or unreliable pipework, without having to excavate pipes.

Ducting Installations

Trenchless technology isn’t just for water supplies, and MacMole also provides impact moling and pipe ramming for various ducting requirements in the Maidstone area. We often undertake moling for electric, telephone and data cable ducting, as well as pipe ramming for larger ducts.

Pipe ramming is especially beneficial for creating carrier pipes for other services, including oil, gas and sewerage.

Benefits of Trenchless Technologies

Pipe ramming and moling services offer many benefits over more traditional methods. The following are the advantages we provide customers in Maidstone and the South East on a daily basis:

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