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Water Pipe Replacement in Canterbury
Trenching Methods for Water Pipe Repairs, Replacements and New Installations

In addition to moling services, MacMole provides open cut trenching. This method is suitable for projects where surface disruption is not an issue, or where the ground is not suitable for impact moling or pipe ramming. In these cases, trenching is a practical alternative, especially for areas of grass or agricultural sites. MacMole provides chain and excavator trenching for water pipe repairs and water pipe replacements as well as new water supply, duct or drainage installations in Canterbury, Maidstone the surrounding areas we cover.

The best option for your project will depend on your requirements and the specifics of your site, but with many years of experience, we advise on the most suitable solutions for each job to ensure high-quality results.  Our experts manage:

Chain Trenching

A chain trencher is a machine that uses a looped chain to create a trench in the ground and it looks similar to a large chainsaw. Chain trenching allows us to predetermine the depth and width of the trench to create a channel that is perfect for each requirement in the Canterbury area. 

When cutting the trench, the trencher removes soil and deposits it alongside the trench, ready for replacing after installing pipes. At MacMole, we provide chain trenching for a variety of domestic and commercial projects, including water pipe replacements and the installation of new water supply, drainage and irrigation pipes, as well as various ducting, making it an effective alternative to moling services.

Excavator Trenching

For some jobs, excavator trenching is the most suitable option. This involves removing soil using an excavator, also called a digger, and is a practical option where chain trenching is not suitable. Excavator trenching is also the best option if you require a bigger trench for larger pipes or services, and other methods such as impact moling or pipe ramming are not suitable. 

After laying pipes, we replace soil and turf to leave your site neat and tidy. We also undertake the reinstatement of small excavations in block paving, tarmac and concrete.

Installations & Replacements

We undertake trenching for all manner of new installations, as well as water pipe repairs and water pipe replacements that require direct access. As a customer focused company, we always recommend the best solution for your needs, helping to reduce job time and costs where possible.

Where pipe ramming or moling services are unfeasible, our expert trenching services provide effective solutions that minimise disruption as much as possible. Some uses for chain or excavator trenching include installing ducts, drainage or a new water supply across fields or agricultural land, removing and replacing damaged pipes, or carrying out more extensive water pipe repairs.

MacMole has completed many domestic and commercial trenching jobs in Canterbury, and we often use a combination of impact moling and trenching methods to deliver the best services and results, always leaving your site looking just as we found it.

For more information about our trenching services, or to arrange a water pipe replacement or service installation in Canterbury or the surrounding areas, call 07706 663418.