Water Pipe Replacement in Medway
The Benefits of MDPE Pipes for Replacements and New Water Supply Installations

When undertaking new water supply or replacement services, MacMole uses modern blue MDPE pipes. These provide a range of benefits over other materials and ensure every customer in Medway, Maidstone and the surrounding areas we cover has a safe and durable water supply. In addition, these pipes offer easier installation, and when combined with our impact moling services, provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution for domestic and commercial requirements. Whether you need a new supply for an isolated property, a water pipe replacement for outdated pipework, or water pipe repairs, MDPE is the best option.

Below, we explain the benefits of MDPE for your water supply and you can see why so many people are choosing to replace their existing pipework with this modern, plastic option:


MDPE is much more durable than other materials due to its resistance to corrosion and high impacts. This means it is less likely to crack, leak or burst and offers a long, maintenance-free lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about needing water pipe repairs or replacements any time soon.

In addition, because MDPE pipes are so durable, they are a cost-effective option for both domestic and commercial customers in Medway.

Easy Installation

MDPE pipes and fittings are designed for easy connection and installation, saving time on site. Furthermore, as specialists in moling services, we can use impact moling for your new water supply, resulting in the most efficient installation or water pipe replacement services because we avoid extensive excavations. Consequently, MDPE pipes allow us to provide an effective watertight system as quickly as possible with minimal disturbance.

Furthermore, blue MDPE pipes are suitable for water pipe repairs in Medway and we can use them to carry out a simple patch repair, preventing the need for a complete replacement.

Different Sizes

One of the benefits of MDPE piping is that it comes in a range of different diameters. As such, it is suitable for a variety of uses, including garden and agricultural irrigation systems, new water supply installations for remote dwellings and water pipe replacements of outdated commercial pipework. 

No matter your requirements, MacMole chooses the right size pipe for each project in Medway and the South East and undertakes the most suitable installation method for ideal results. This may include impact moling services, pipe ramming, chain trenching, excavator trenching or a combination of methods.

Because MDPE pipes have a wider diameter than older pipes, such as lead, they are useful for improving the water flow to properties. The benefits of this include lower energy bills, less stress on appliances such as washing machines, and a more enjoyable user experience.

For reliable and cost-effective water pipe replacements and new water supply installations in Medway and all the surrounding areas, call MacMole on 07706 663418.